Terms and Conditions

Please read our terms & conditions attentively and make purchases through or be an active user on our Online Store only in case you agree with every item listed under our terms and conditions and accept that the conditions  laid down are legally binding between the two parties. Should there be any questions as regards the orders, the delivery and the general operation of the Online Store, please contact us.

Operator Information

Company name: Borbála Anna Koniorczyk private enterpriser

Headquarters:  1026 Budapest, Orsó utca 45/B

VAT reg. no.:  71781648141

Contact: info@chainlessbudapest.com

Description of Service

On our homepage, www.chainlessbudapest.com, you can book local cultural heritage tours (organized both on foot and by bike) that are predominantly staged inside Budapest. Participation in the programs requires online registration in advance.

Products for purchase, services

The products on show in our Online Store can be ordered online, claimed in person or redeemed with our Urban Adventure Passes. Participation in the programs is always on the participants’ own responsibility.

Our offered programs can be categorized as:

  • alternative urban walks / bike rides
  • urban gastro tours (on foot or by bike)
  • team-building walks / bike rides


The displayed products and services can be ordered with online payment, purchased in person or redeemed with an Urban Adventure Pass. The displayed prices include the VAT prescribed by the law. The products and services are coupled with a short, informative description of them as well as other, specific features.


Ordering Procedure

  1. When you click on ‘Book now,’ our ordering platform will pop up in a new window, which gives you two options.
  2. After putting your data in, you can select either ‘Pay Later’ or ‘Pay Now.’ If you choose the former, you have successfully booked your tour and will need to pay for the ticket in person on the spot. If, however, you choose the latter, you are directed to PayPal’s portal through which you make an online purchase immediately.
  3. Once you have finalized your order, we will send an automatic letter of confirmation to the email address previously given that contains the data of the order. In case no such email arrives, the system did not accept your order. Some electronic messaging systems put emails from unfamiliar addresses in the spam folder; therefore, it is worth checking there before further action. If, however, the confirmation email is not there either, please contact us via email.

To be able to use our services, participants need to have the confirmation email with them in printed form. Each of our orders has an individual number by which it can be identified.

Processing orders

We process orders within 24 hours on business days and within 72 hours at most over the weekend and during holidays.

Chainless Budapest retains the right to partially or completely dismiss already confirmed orders. Partial cancellation can only be effected after negotiating with the customer. The price of prepaid products and services would be returned to the customer.

Right of cancellation

From the placement of the order until the start of the program, the customer has the right to cancel his or her participation from the booked program. However, once the customer has paid the fare for the products and services, thereby finalizing his or her intent to participate, the seller can no longer be obliged to refund the tickets.

Practicing of the right of cancellation

In case you would wish to exercise your right to cancel, you can notify us of your cancellation via our given contact information.

Data Management

All data collected during your use of our website www.chainlessbudapest.com will be handled with confidentiality and will be revealed to no other legal persons. We may store technical information (IP address, length of page view, etc.) while you browse the website. The data thus gathered will only be transferred to the relevant authorities in legally justified and grounded cases. If you want to block the use of cookies, you can do so in the settings of your browser. When the cookies are blocked, certain functions of our website may cease to operate correctly. A cookie is a file that the server sends to the user’s browser and is stored on the user’s computer. No personal data is stored in cookies. The data that you share during the ordering process is used by Chainless Budapest to carry out and secure the order itself. Data shared during the ordering process will be saved and stored for as long a period as it is stipulated by the Act of Accounting currently in effect. Data given while browsing, through the registration process and the newsletter subscription will be treated confidentially by Chainless Budapest. In case you would like to unsubscribe from our newsletter, modify or have your personal data deleted, please contact us at info@chainlessbudapest.com.

Concerning issues not addressed in the present terms and conditions document, executive decree 17/1999 (II.5.) about distance contracts and the instructions found in Act CVIII. of 2001 about electronic commerce services and services connected to information society as found in the Civil Code of the Republic of Hungary are cited to be authoritative.


Supplementary clause on damage and safety policies

The cycling tours will be staged according to the information given in each tour description. Slight changes are sometimes necessary and are made at the discretion of the tour guide in line with our policies.

We provide clients with bicycles (Stringbikes) that will be dispatched in perfect working condition and which must be returned by the client in the same condition at the end of the excursion.

Participants declare that they are able to ride a bike safely and in a law-abiding fashion and that they are in sufficient riding health. Participants of the tours also affirm that they are in full control of and therefore are responsible for their actions.

Those taking part in the bike tours are required to practice common sense, caution and due attention, particularly relating to the equipment provided by the company during the excursion, which the participants agree to use at their own risk.

Chainless Budapest waives all claims for damage and loss set against them and is therefore not liable for any damage whether to participants in the tour, third parties or the equipment occurring in the course of the bike tours. Participants in the tours will be held responsible for any damage to the biking gear supplied by Chainless Budapest (including losses of locks and keys) save for punctures and mechanical flaws arising independently of the rider.

Chainless Budapest reserves the right to assess and determine the source of the damages and to have the measure of compensation calculated by a third party.

Failure to comply with the above rules will cause that the participant be held liable for damages.

June 15, 2014.

Borbála Anna Koniorczyk

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