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Art Nouveau and Jewish identity in Budapest

Art Nouveau in Budapest has always been more than just a style. In the Jewish golden age of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, art nouveau architecture satisfied the bourgeois Jews’ needs of self-stylization and group identification. Even though Hungary was tied to Austria, she longed to express her very own history and culture.


The art nouveau movement provided a shared platform for both Christians and Jews to express their Hungarian identity within the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Explore the hidden art nouveau gems of Budapest, experience how history and dreams were carved on to the facades of the city. Our program takes you to a magical art nouveau bath, a hidden synagogue whose architect managed to combine orthodox ideas with modern architecture, a tiny art nouveau museum and many more jewels.

Duration: 2.5-3 hours

Highlights: Hungarian Art Nouveau House, Gutenberg House, Liszt Academy, Kazinczy Synagogue, Postal Savings Bank


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