Grand Café Budapest

The Hungarian metropolis born in the coffee house

Cafés are essential for the Budapest spirit. The city has been full of coffee houses from the 18th century, and they meant much more than a place to drink coffee. Cafés were real institutions for encounter and communication, where great and average minds discussed politics, culture and everyday life.


These conversations influenced the course of history: revolutions and artistic movements equally started at coffee tables, but sometimes marriages too. Come with us, and discover how cafés influenced the life of Budapest from the times of the grand cafés of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy to the shady joints of socialism. We show you what is left of the former grandeur, and tell the stories and legends of this intriguing scenery.

Duration: 2.5-3 hours

Highlights: Central Café, Csendes, Massolit, Japan, Szimpla

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