Castle in the Night Sky

Delve into the charming summer night on the curvy streets of the Buda Castle! Experience the magic of the district, where kings and noblemen of Budapest lived. The walk guides you through the most exciting buildings and memories of the Castle Hill in the serene evening settings, recalling stories from the oldest periods of Budapest.


You will learn about the legend of the Chain Bridge lions, see the most spectacular cable car in the continent, and touch the lucky parts of the famous horse sculpture. The Buda Castle is full of war memories as well: we show you the cannons which protected the city walls in the early wars, and take you to the streets where traces of the Second World War are still visible. At the end of the walk, we smell the flowers in the Castle Garden, and descend back down to the sparkling riverside.

Duration: 2.5-3 hours

Highlights: Chain Bridge, Cable Car, Statue of Maria Magdalena, Royal Palace, Castle Garden


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