Private urban adventures with Hosszúlépés. Hear the untold stories of Budapest.

Hosszúlépés (Long Step) is an urban walking project, run by young locals, representing various scientific fields from urban studies to sociology, sharing a passion for Budapest. Our walks have taken locals and foreigners to the capital’s hidden gems since the spring of 2013.

We believe that we can show you the lesser-known face of Budapest in small groups, facilitating conversation and the exchange of opinions and experiences. We approach the city from different themes and historical periods, thus we not only show you a group of buildings and points of interest, but immerse you in another era or a hidden world. Stories come alive with archive pictures, with the aid of iPads and Prezi, as a software background, an example of Hungarian talent and creativity.


We specialize in tailor-made private tours, thus please consider our existing walks as ideas, mere starting points. Let us know, if you fancy exploring Budapest from a different angle.

If you are interested in booking a private tour, get in touch.

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